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June 5, 2014

Tips Thursday: Striving for Success – Despite a Slump!

Whatever your title, industry or goals, you’ve probably experienced a slump. But there is always a way to climb out. By scanning the news regularly, you can come up with new ideas and discover new potential and the best way to start is with our Tips Thursday headlines! Think more creatively to […]
June 4, 2014

A Summer with Leverage Learning How to Grow your Company, Part 1 of 3

Part One: Staying Connected You’ve probably posted a Facebook status or added new people into your Google+ circles, but do you actually have a foolproof method to keeping your brand socially connected? There are multiple articles, resources and tools (like HootSuite) that can help you run your social sites more […]
May 30, 2014

Feature Friday Entrepreneurism and Real Estate

This week, we’ve had the pleasure of aiding in the organization of and attending Coastal Shows‘ CFGE Crowdfund Entrepreneur and Crowdfund Real Estate Summit, right here in Austin, Texas. CFGE has gathered experts from various industries including finance and real estate to give insights into their success.  This is why […]
May 28, 2014

Wealth Wednesday: Your Top Financial Headlines

Educate yourself on all things wealth, income and money, in our midweek blog, Wealth Wednesday! We’ve compiled a few of the latest articles that will be sure to peak your interest and increase your knowledge. Obama: We Restored ‘Trillions of Dollars of Wealth’ – @StevenTDennis If Income Inequality Is Caused By The Lack […]
May 23, 2014

Feature Friday: How to Jump on the Startup Bandwagon

There are several reasons people start their own business including problems they’ve encountered and intend to help solve, the need to be their own boss and create an ideal atmosphere in their best interests and the desire to showcase their skills and improve the world. If you’ve been thinking of […]
May 22, 2014

Tips Thursday: Covering Your Entrepreneurial Bases

When you run a business, you have to think about budgets, employees, speaking engagements, social media, taxes, headquarters – The list goes on! That’s why we’ve put together Tips Thursday to make your week easier from hiring to investing. Below you’ll find the week’s best articles for entrepreneurs full of tips to […]
May 21, 2014

Wealth Wednesday: The Growth of Crowdfunding

When big data analytics are overlaid on the exploding industry of crowdfunding, it becomes undeniably clear just how much this new finance mechanism is growing. For example: Every hour in the month of March, more than $60,000 dollars were raised via crowdfunding throughout the world. And this: In the first three […]
May 19, 2014

Marketing Monday: Finding a Successful Balance

Marketing your business includes a plethora of methods from social media and emails to networking and web design, so it’s important to be creative yet to-the-point to attract a crowd. There are several strategies you can use to achieve a level of success through your marketing efforts which can seem […]
May 16, 2014

Feature Friday: Building Up Our Team

When you really break down what makes a successful business, you’ll see that its the people behind it. A strong team can really make or break a company. Here at Leverage, we put a lot of emphasis on choosing the right people to bring the best out of our creative […]
May 15, 2014

Tips Thursday: The 2014 Social Media Tricks

When it comes to growing your business, there is nothing better than getting tips from experts to lead you on the path towards success. On Thursdays, we will provide you with top tips to help you reach new levels with your best company practices. These can range from financial advice […]
May 13, 2014

Tech Tuesday: Tools and Tricks Changing the Technology Scene

One of the main fields we enjoy delving into is technology. From creating innovative ways to communicate and work in the office to building up digital platforms that we provide public relations efforts for, we enjoy watching the tech scene grow and change. Tech Tuesday will focus on devices, updates […]
May 12, 2014

Marketing Monday: Taking Social Media Further

To start your week off right, we’ve combined some of the most current and top social media and public relations news in our first Marketing Monday post! No matter your brand or your industry, it is important to know marketing secrets and tips to grow your business. Recently, we’ve enjoyed […]
April 3, 2014

Silicon Valley Crowdfund Conference Celebrates JOBS Act, National Crowdfunding Day

Today, the nation’s crowdfunding experts are gathering in California, as the Silicon Valley Crowdfund Conference kicks off to celebrate the second anniversary of the JOBS Act signing. Leverage Principal Joy Schoffler is on the morning’s first panel, discussing the multiple faces of crowdfunding with Devin Thorpe of Forbes, author and attorney Kendall […]
March 31, 2014

CFGE Summit to Examine Impact of Crowdfunding on Growing Markets

As the second anniversary of President Obama signing the JOBS Act into law on April 5, 2012, approaches, and as Texas considers its own state crowdfunding laws, Coastal Shows, the national leader in crowdfunding events, announces its next crowdfunding summit will take place in Austin, Texas. Industry experts, government officials, […]
March 26, 2014

Five Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

While most marketing strategies only focus on digital solutions, it’s important for smart marketers to incorporate a combination of both traditional and digital solutions to effectively engage their audiences. Having the right marketing mix can not only help you win new customers right away but can establish the base you […]
March 24, 2014

Joy Schoffler Nominated for Two Local Awards

Last week was a big one for us at Leverage PR, as Principal Joy Schoffler was nominated for two local awards! We love that in the midst of working to get hits for our clients, our team is recognized for personal successes, too. The first award, Women Communicators of Austin, […]
March 5, 2014

Equity Crowdfunding Will Make Waves at SXSW 2014

We are on the cusp of a revolution in the way capital is raised, and the programmers at SXSW are taking notice. Crowdfunding is coming out of the basement and into the boardroom and will have a profound impact around the globe. The passage of the 2012 JOBS Act broke […]
March 4, 2014

Congressman Patrick McHenry: The Future Crowdfunding

Friday, Congressman Patrick McHenry gave a keynote speech at the Crowdfund Global Expo in San Diego. He came from a family of business owners, and now, his work in crowdfunding and for small businesses is paving the way for entrepreneurs. “You know that getting capital is tough, even if you […]
January 27, 2014

Crowdfund Global Expo

This week, we will be traveling to San Diego for the Crowdfund Global Expo, where experts will speak on peer-to-peer lending, debt crowdfunding, equity crowdfunding and crowdfunding for real estate. The event will be put on by Coastal Shows, a full-service media company known for their educational and multifunctional events and […]
January 23, 2014

The Most Influential Thought Leaders In Crowdfunding

More and more headlines are boasting about crowdfunding every day, as new insights and opportunities arise in the industry. OurCrowd and Evolve, Inc. decided to recognize the top 100 individuals in crowdfunding, ranking people based on actions, leadership, popularity and even tweets, and we’re so thrilled to be involved with […]

June 8, 2015

April and May: Leverage Clients in the News!

New York Times mortgage columnist interviews Visio Financial Services CEO, Jeff Ball, about alternative financing options for residential real estate investors. Factom president, Peter Kirby reveals to Reuters that Honduras is going to build a permanent and secure land title record system using Factom’s blockchain technology. Artizone gets a shout […]
May 14, 2015

Wealth Wednesday: Loans, Stocks, & Money Thoughts

We often work with clients in the finance industry including crowdfunding portals, investors and entrepreneurs headed towards a new round of funding.Get your midweek pick-me-up here, as our Wealth Wednesday blogs discuss all things finance, investing and money. We’ll showcase the latest in the industry, as well as, tips and […]
May 8, 2015

Pampering the Feet that Carry Leverage PR Forward

What better way to do some team building than with pedicures, a massage chair, and a margarita! This was a great way to unwind, spend some quality time together, and reward our team members for all their hard work with a fabulous pedicure. Looking good, ladies!  
April 16, 2015

Leverage Clients in the News!

D.J. Paul, a member of the SEC’s Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies and founder of consulting firm DJP&Co., recently spoke with reporters at Bloomberg and the Washington Post about new Regulation A+ rules that were unanimously approved by the SEC. Paul says that Reg A+ can be seen […]
April 13, 2015

Leverage Staff Out and About

The Spring conference and event season is upon us with lots of fun and informational conferences, festivals and events. The Leverage PR team has been to a few over the past month and have had a great time! Here is a recap of some of our favorite events: SXSW Interactive […]
March 10, 2015

Four Fintech Events You Don’t Want To Miss at SXSWi

It’s here! March is the month we look forward to all year. It not only marks the beginning of the spring season — Spring Break and March Madness—but also ushers SXSW into Austin for its 28th year SXSW is a platform for startups, innovators, film and musical artists to showcase […]
February 3, 2015

Four Tips to Elevate Your Tradeshow Experience

The “Big Game” is over and the NFL season has come to an end. However, another season is just starting to ramp up – tradeshow season. Whether you’re a tradeshow veteran or rookie, it’s important to plan ahead and develop an effective strategy that can help make the most of […]
January 26, 2015

Three Ways FinTech Companies Can Maximize Marketing Spend in 2015

As we approach 2015, many will find themselves feeling a sense of déjà vu from past years, sitting in meeting after meeting discussing how to maximize marketing spend return on investment. While the solution to this question may seem like it requires a crystal ball, for many companies, an evaluation […]
December 4, 2014

The Best Present is to Be Present

The holidays are upon us! We have been gearing up with our friends and family for much-anticipated relaxation, and we are longing for those vacation days that imply a journey back to simpler times. However, simpler times did not include a society fully integrated with 24/7 non-stop social media. By […]
November 19, 2014

Why Financial Firms are Joining the Crowd

Crowdfunding is a marketing vehicle. Sure, it’s a great way for entrepreneurs to raise money and a great way for investors to find institutional-quality deals. But above all Crowdfunding is about marketing. And that’s why financial firms – venture capital firms, investment banks, private equity firms, and others – are […]