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PR Austin New York
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May 28, 2014
PR Austin New York
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PR Austin New York

This week, we’ve had the pleasure of aiding in the organization of and attending Coastal Shows‘ CFGE Crowdfund Entrepreneur and Crowdfund Real Estate Summit, right here in Austin, Texas. CFGE has gathered experts from various industries including finance and real estate to give insights into their success.  This is why this highly informational event has become our Feature Friday.

Yesterday, we heard experts such as Mark Roderick, Richard Swart, David Manshoory, Elliott Nunez and Sam Guzik discuss topics like:

  • Opportunities in real estate crowdfunding
  • The growth of equity crowdfunding
  • What institutions need to know about the industry
  • The ins and outs of Reg A+

Today will bring insights on Texas’ crowdfunding from the Austin Chamber, while best-selling author Tucker Max will explain how to change the world through the space, and Swart will speak again – on VCs – then some leading women in crowdfunding will discuss how to succeed.

This CFGE event has truly brought something for everyone, and we’re excited to soak up even more and apply the information, to see even more growth in the sector. How do YOU plan on implementing what you’ve learned to build crowdfunding up more?