Wealth Wednesday: Loans, Stocks, & Money Thoughts

Pampering the Feet that Carry Leverage PR Forward
May 8, 2015
April and May: Leverage Clients in the News!
June 8, 2015

We often work with clients in the finance industry including crowdfunding portals, investors and entrepreneurs headed towards a new round of funding.Get your midweek pick-me-up here, as our Wealth Wednesday blogs discuss all things finance, investing and money. We’ll showcase the latest in the industry, as well as, tips and tricks to keep your business on track. Today’s top headlines come from CNNMoney.

Military to get Refunds on Overcharged Student LoansCNNMoney – @jenliberto

Caution! Avoid J.C. Penney StockCNNMoney – @LaMonicaBuzz

Thoughts? Does this news change your view on Sallie Mae or JCP? What wealth-related news are you reading today?