Tips Thursday: The 2014 Social Media Tricks

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May 13, 2014
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May 16, 2014
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When it comes to growing your business, there is nothing better than getting tips from experts to lead you on the path towards success. On Thursdays, we will provide you with top tips to help you reach new levels with your best company practices. These can range from financial advice to marketing plans that can increase your overall credibility and visibility.

Our first Tips Thursday is from Entrepreneur and @DrewAHendricks: 20 Social Media Tips to Rule in 2014. Here are some of our favorites:

 1.      Use analytics

There are also hundreds of tools to analyze your social media campaign success and failures. Use them. Many are free and part of the site itself, while others provide a third-party analysis. Don’t just collect reports; read them, translate them and turn them into action.

2.      Post timely

Know the best days and times to post for your industry and demographics. For many businesses, this is Monday through Friday at around 10am and 4pm. However, this will vary depending on who you’re targeting.

3.      Build a relationship

Don’t just preach at your audience, but engage them, get them involved and always promptly reply to outreach. Social media isn’t a soapbox, but a tool for engagement. It’s a two-way street.

4.      Use images

People are becoming more attracted to images such as infographics or easily digestible videos like those on Vine. Make use of color, but don’t overdo it. If you make a video, make sure it’s professional and high quality.

5.      Build social media into your business plan

Whether you’re a startup or a solid corporation, you should still have a business plan in place for growth. Implement social media into it and set goals for different time periods. This is how you’ll see if social media is worth it for you.

BONUS: Grammar matters 

Check, double check, and have someone else check each and every thing you put on social media. An embarrassing typo can cause a world of hurt and is easily avoidable.

What other tips would you add to this list? Have you found any additional practices highly successful?