Tech Tuesday: Tools and Tricks Changing the Technology Scene

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May 12, 2014
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May 15, 2014

One of the main fields we enjoy delving into is technology. From creating innovative ways to communicate and work in the office to building up digital platforms that we provide public relations efforts for, we enjoy watching the tech scene grow and change.

Tech Tuesday will focus on devices, updates and advancements that are making the way we get things done easier and more exciting!

Intriguing Gadgets:

What You Need to Know About Smart GunsEngadget – @TerrenceObrien

LG to Release its Fitness Tracker on May 18thTechCrunch – @mjburnsy

A Visionary 3-D Printed Chair That You Can Download NowWired – @Lizstins

Revolutionary News:

UConn Students 3D Print Two Different Artificial Kidneys – – @Krassenstein Now Lets You Create Extra-Specific Email RulesEngadget – @jonfingas

What did we miss? We want to know what technological enhancements you’ve enjoyed reading about or implementing into YOUR business!