Ways to Keep Your Team Motivated

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September 8, 2014
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October 27, 2014

Even if your office always make the “top places to work” list, it can be hard to please everyone. To ensure your workplace is running as smoothly and as happily as possible, find out what motivates your team. By showing your co-workers that you care for them, as people and as hard-working employees, they will – in turn – want to work harder for you.

Some ways to start implementing this include:

Rewards: Just as we received gold stars for good papers in elementary school, we should be complimented and appreciated when we close a deal, land a meeting or make a sale.

Productivity Tools: Gauge your workers to see how you can better their environment. Maybe your graphic designer likes to be inspired with a window view. Perhaps working from home is what your team needs. As long as work is getting done, it’s okay to try a few untraditional methods of working.

Nurture: As mentioned, employees need to know you care, and this goes beyond a pat on the back for good work. Have regular check-in meetings with people, to discuss what is working and how career advancements can start taking place.

Communication Skills: One of the top ways your team will perform well is by receiving clear instructions. We know you’re busy running a business, but taking the extra time to explain what is needed will help for confusion to be avoided.

To see more ways to motivate others, check out this infographic from Entrepreneur.com!