The Top Crowdfunding SXSW Panels You Should Vote for This Year

White House
White House Celebrates Crowdfunding “Champions of Change”
June 4, 2013
Leverage PR panel
Kingonomics Kicks off the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington Celebrations
September 3, 2013

It may be hard to fathom but it is already time to pick panels for SXSW 2014. The highly coveted positions are currently at the mercy of social media fans to vote for their favorite speakers and ideas. A trend that has surfaced in this year’s submissions revolves around crowdfunding portals and experts providing education surrounding the evolution of  crowdfunding regulations. Leverage PR, along with a handful of our clients, has compiled informational panels jam packed with insider tips and the latest industry updates that will power up your crowdfunding capital raising efforts and ultimately grow your business. We’ll show you our favorite panel ideas and why they need your vote. If you plan to attend one of the biggest events in Austin drawing thousands globally, it may be a good idea to cast your two cents into the voting process.

The New Era of Investor Relations

The New Era of Investor Relations panel will be presented by Veteran securities attorney, Douglas Ellenoff and Principal of Leverage PR, Joy Schoffler. Both parties have been actively engaged with the SEC and Congress throughout the regulatory process and sit on the board of CfIRA (Crowdfunding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates.)

On September 23, 2013 a large change will occur within the crowdfunding industry and beyond. The SEC’s ban on general solicitation of accredited investors will be lifted and investor marketing will surface. Though these new liberties will be one of the largest changes in securities laws for decades, there is a specific level of understanding needed to avoid breaking the law.

Douglas Ellenoff and Joy Schoffler will guide panel attendees on how to stay compliant and reap the most benefits from general solicitation.


Finance 3.0: Possibilities & Issues with the Crowd

The Finance 3.0: Possibilities & Issues with the Crowd panel will be presented by Judd Hollas, CEO of crowdfunding platform EquityNet and Chris Camillo, Angel Investor and author of “Laughing at Wall Street.” Both experts will take an in depth look at crowdfunding, weighing the pros and cons for investors and entrepreneurs alike. As the lift on the ban of general solicitation becomes a reality this fall, SXSW could not be a better time to hash out the problems and possibilities the crowdfunding industry will present to entrepreneurs, investors, attorneys and those in private equity.

Judd Hollas and Chris Camillo will present a realistic look at securities-based crowdfunding so that attendees will have the facts needed to choose the best capital raising solution for them.


Moving Past Ads: Consumer-Focused Financing

The Moving Past Ads: Consumer-Focused Financing panel will be presented by Josef Holm, CEO of crowdfunding platform TubeStart. TubeStart is a niche platform specifically tailored to YouTube content creators allowing them to utilize a new model of continuous capital raising called subscription-based crowdfunding.

Digital entertainment is evolving with the ease of instant access to online video platforms such as YouTube and Netflix. YouTube currently reaches out to more 18-to-34 year olds than any cable network and in Q2 of 2013, Netflix added 630,000 US subscribers. This increasing demand has brought to light the lack of change relating to advertising models.

Josef Holm will give attendees an overview of the market and discuss current and emerging capital sources for content creators.


Crowd-Powered Business

The Crowd-Powered Business panel will be presented by CEO of enterprise crowd-technology solution Alon Goren and founder of and Massolution, Carl Esposti. Both experts have noticed a business trend in crowdsourcing including crowdsourced Super Bowl ads and the Veronica Mars movie crowdfunding success. There is a lot of media emphasis on what these funding solutions can provide for startups, leaving enterprise-level businesses curious on how they can fit in.

Alon Goren and Carl Esposti will dive into more than just the monetary benefits of crowdfunding including increased customer engagement, market validation and CSR initiatives. Furthermore, the world’s leading brands will be examined to see how they are amplifying these techniques.


Business Growth through Strategic Relationships

The Business Growth Through Strategic Relationships panel will be presented by “super-connecter” Judy Robinett, a former CEO of both public and private companies, board advisor to several funds including Illuminate VC, Pereg VC, and a mentor for organizations such as the Pipeline Foundation and Goldman Sachs 1000 startups.

A key part to equity-based crowdfunding or any capital raising effort is having the skill to form relationships and learn how to relate to investors. Acquiring the right connections will advance your business and ultimately lead you towards success.

Judy Robinett will walk attendees through practical, easy-to-follow steps that guide them towards growing their networks.


The Crowd’s Impact on Biotech

The Crowd’s Impact on Biotech panel will be presented by Veteran healthcare investment banker and CEO of Healthios Exchange, David Loucks. The market for first-time financing in biotech and life sciences has been challenging for several quarters. In addition, sequestration has decreased the amount of grants, leaving emerging businesses to find alternate forms of funding. However, things will positively change with the lift of the ban on general solicitation, making capital raising efforts through crowdfunding easier for the healthcare sector and beyond.

Having executed over half a trillion in healthcare transactions, David Loucks will cover the changing landscapes of healthcare finance and show how crowdfunding will ultimately impact the industry.


As you can see with these six panels, a vast amount of educational guidance will be needed as the ban on general solicitation is lifted in the fall. If you believe that equity-based crowdfunding is needed to spark innovation and promote business growth, help these panels present at SXSW 2014 this year by casting your vote and sharing them socially.