Tech Tuesday: Staying up on Trends

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When it comes to entrepreneurship, we know there are so many factors to consider and so many aspects to keep in mind.

Two that we strive to keep up on every single day are technology and news, and lucky for you, you can get all your tech news through our #techtuesday blog!

From new innovations that could simplify how you get work done to the latest updates on your industry, we believe you should stay up-to-date through articles like the following:

Tech Five: No Slowing Down GoPro Stock – See how finances are panning out in the world of technology.

Five Brutal Truths About Money, Tech & Prosperity – Don’t get caught up in myths surrounding your field.

The Fashion and & Tech Industries Must-Haves? Talent – Learn how to merge your interests with other sectors.

Blue Digital Collars: Tech Helps Companies Track Employees – New inventions are popping up every day and shaping how we get our jobs done.

It can be overwhelming to stay current on tech AND news, since Twitter feeds give us millions of links a day – and since besides Twitter, we also have Google, televised news shows, texts – the list goes on.

Try not to get overwhelmed by either of these, though; by just reading these four stories, you will already be more informed on what’s going on and hopefully be inspired to up your entire technology and/or news game!