Q3: Tips for Maintaining Momentum This Year

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By Bri Thomas

Summer is the time when we unwind and relax, enjoying vacation homes and visits with loved ones. It seems like the business world just shuts down – especially in August – with every email sent receiving an “out-of-office” reply.

It’s great to take some time off…but then we return to reality. September’s deadlines and to-do lists seem impossible to maintain, and Thanksgiving and Christmas are not too far ahead on the calendar.

Therefore, here are the steps to follow to keep the ball rolling for 2014, as well as advice on how to start planning for a successful 2015!

To maintain momentum during your third quarter…

  • Prioritize: This should definitely be your first step, since the emails and to-do lists pile up after vacations and before the end of the year. By starting with your most urgent tasks, you’ll slowly but surely get things done and feel accomplished.
  • Take breaks: While you’re working through your list, take time to step away from your desk. You do have to work again, but you don’t have to do everything at once, so grab some coffee or walk some laps.
  • Get creative: Whether you take an online course, start a book club or join a new exercise class, your decision to branch out will make creative juices flow in and out of the office.
  • Keep perspective: If you can’t seem to shake the post-vaca blues, just remember – your holiday break will be here before you know it!

To begin planning for the New Year…

  • Review your year: Discuss with your team what worked, where improvements are needed and how to build off of what has been done.
  • Set goals: Next, you should lay out what going forward will look like.
  • Schedule meetings: This is also a good time to meet with all those people you mentioned getting coffee with but never did; you never know who could end up being an investor, customer or business partner!
  • Volunteer: Remember what Q4 is truly about, and get out of the office to volunteer time, money and efforts with fellow employees.

We hope your previous vacation time, current work time and upcoming end-of-the-year time is and was successful! Connect with us further to continue receiving tips or to set up a time to talk about how we can help you keep the ball rolling!