Case Study: Factom





Using the technology behind bitcoin to change how businesses manage data and keep records.

Factom is a way to record entries in a way that makes the list unique (everyone gets the same copy) and allows anyone to add to the list, but does not allow anyone to change entries once they are in the list.



Although Factom’s technology was cutting-edge and largely coined “the next big thing” since the Internet, it consistently experienced the following challenges:

  • Gaining understanding within mainstream media – its concept was difficult for even seasoned technology and business reporters to grasp, as it was so innovative
  • Raising awareness about its token sale of factoids (tokens customers pre-bought that gave them access to the discounted software)
  • Positioning them as a tool that established governments and financial services firms felt comfortable using, as bitcoin related technologies are often misunderstood
  • Securing earned media opportunities that clearly outlined the business case for Factom and positioned them to meet their strategic business goals of increasing inbound sales leads before product launch, partnerships, investor capital and overall users



To assist with educating the media as well as prospective customers, investors, government and banking partners, Leverage PR:

  • Refined Factom’s messaging to better resonate with a more mainstream audience, showing each key stakeholder how they played a role
  • Structured a campaign that not only educated reporters on the many different use cases for blockchain technology, but also led to increased interest from partners and customers
  • Tailored national and international pitching efforts to launch Factom into verticals that coincide with partnership announcements, such as insurance and banking
  • Curated a strategic list of events and conferences to secure speaking engagements for the founders as expert high-tech entrepreneurs at events across the country that would put them in touch with analysts, banks, investors and other key partners. For events that Leverage PR staff attended, we also helped them network and make connections with key partners that could help them achieve their strategic business goals
  • Helped founders reach target audiences by pitching them to investor-facing as well as industry and top-tier media





By revising messaging, and constructing a targeted outreach campaign that positioned Factom executives as thought leaders on many business-building and trending topics, such as the Internet of Things, alternative finance and even internet security, Factom boasted the following accomplishments within the first 3 months of their engagement:

  • Secured 20 media hits (print, online and radio) with highlights including top-tier coverage in Fortune, Reuters, BBC News, Market Watch, and Financial Times
  • Established Peter Kirby, president of Factom, as one of the most highly sought after speakers in the bitcoin and blockchain space
  • Achieved an ad equivalency of more than $761,169
  • Increased the overall amount of inbound leads to Factom
  • Factom has raised $1.6 million and counting in capital, presold 4,379,973 software tokens, and closed a number of high profile partnerships during and after the launch engagement

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