What We Can All Learn from Master Athletes & Musicians

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August 9, 2016
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August 19, 2016

The SXSW 2017 Interactive Festival is fast approaching. Two exceptional leaders in the field of corporate education have joined together to create an illuminating panel, “What We Can Learn from Master Athletes & Musicians.”  Zach Posner and Kimo Kippen take a deep look into what distinguishes elite performers across all fields of study and examine what innovative platforms now exist to help everyone habituate the practices of masters.

As we all tune in to the 2016 Olympic Games, it’s impossible not to stand in awe of the grueling dedication and achievements of these world-class competitors. Arguably one of the most decorated athletes in Olympic history with five Games under his belt, Michael Phelps has already won 25 Olympic medals, including 21 golds – and is well on his way to winning more in Rio.

Phelps has mastered the focus and measurement it takes to be a highly accomplished athlete. He has acquired the ability to break apart each aspect of his training, dissecting every piece of his performances with pinpoint precision, creating the slightest adjustments of improvement that help him attain his elite status.

Is it possible there could be a little bit of “Phelps” in all of us?

If the habits that produce champions like Phelps can be identified and scaled, perhaps mastery can be democratized and made accessible to us all.

Zach Posner, senior vice president at McGraw-Hill Education, will provide his insights into MHE’s new Learning Science Platforms that can do just that. The revolutionary technology can harness almost any content and turn it into an adaptive course that is learner-centric and provides the optimal level of focus, challenge, feedback and repetition.

Kimo Kippen, chief learning officer at Hilton Worldwide, is a visionary thought leader who has spent more than 20 years advancing education, global labor force conditions and economic empowerment internationally. He will share the ways he transformed the learning and development culture at Hilton, directly improving his company’s brand loyalty and global market.

This is an exciting opportunity for these two industry leaders to come together at SXSW 2017 to present this extraordinary panel, but we need your involvement. The selection process is highly competitive, and your vote will help get them there.

Please visit SXSW PanelPicker today and cast your vote for “What We Can Learn from Master Athletes & Musicians” so you too can learn to channel your “inner Phelps” to become a master in your field.