A Summer with Leverage PR: Learning How to Grow your Company, Part 2-3

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Tips Thurday: Advice on Work, Money and Social Media
June 19, 2014
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Tech Tuesday: Staying up on Trends
July 1, 2014
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Part Two: Becoming a Leader

Our first summer series post on learning to grow your company mentioned becoming an influencer through social media – and we hope you’re been connecting, sharing and chatting away on your sites!

To take that influence out to the real world, think about influential characteristics, which is what we help our clients adopt to become industry thought leaders. Leaders are…

  • Known – It can be hard to get your name out there, especially when you’re just starting out, but getting your brand mentioned in posts and featured in publications will lead to more brand recognition and audience attention.
  • Well-Versed – You obviously need to know your industry inside and out, and one way to further this is by speaking on the topic; apply to conferences that could showcase your expertise.
  • Active – Whether you’re traveling to meet with new customers, scheduling calls with potential investors or networking to discover a new business partner, you need make time in your busy business schedule to be actively building your brand.

As you can see, owning a business is about more than just creating a website and bringing in money. By utilizing the above tips, though, you’ll be well on your way to being a true industry leader!