2015 Fintech Global Expo

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June 8, 2015
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2015 Fintech Global Expo

Last week Leverage PR’s founder and principal, Joy Schoffler, spoke at the Second Annual Fintech Global Expo in San Diego. The Expo featured prominent leaders within the fintech industry who shared insights on topics such as real estate, alternative finance, crowdfunding, Bitcoin infrastructure, and online investment platforms.

The success of the Fintech Global Expo clearly demonstrated how the fintech industry is rapidly growing and maturing. The quantity and quality of companies and speakers attending the expo were excellent indicators of just how important the financial technology industry has become. World-renowned industry leaders such as Jaidev Shergill, Stessa Cohen, Jason Kobus, Dolf de Roos, and David Easthope attended to reveal important innovations and best practices within the fintech industry.

Joy, who is actively
involved with establishing the latest policies on crowdfunding
, participated in the “Closing the Deal” panel. She spoke along with several other leaders in the real estate crowdfunding industry to discuss lessons learned and tips for companies entering the investment market. Joy had three major pieces of advice on broadening a firm’s investor base by convincing investors to close the deal:

1. Lay a Foundation of Coverage

When trying to close a deal, it all comes down to investor trust. In order to build trust, credibility is crucial, and a company can prove their expertise when outside sources validate that they have the the knowledge and skill to deliver consistently. Media coverage can build a platform of credibility to help increase a company’s presence in the market and convince investors that they are worth the investment.

2. Email Marketing to Your Investor is Key

With email marketing, a company can expand networks and build relationships. By using automation and data, a firm can specify a marketing campaign pertinent to what the investor is interested in. Email marketing carries the ability to help reach a wider range of small investors, and convert them into larger investors.

3. Ensure Your Investors’ Trust With Thorough Underwriting

You may think that you’ll get more investors with a really aggressive offering, yet seasoned investors will be very wary of any company that is overly ambitious on growth, vacancy, or other market growth assumptions. The key is to show a track record of past performance, clearly state risks, and thoroughly explain how you will address them.

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