• Athletes for Change


    Leverage PR was honored to help in the creation of the website and development of the social media strategy for Athletes for change. www.athletesforchange.com. Athletes for change is a group of ex-NFL players headed up by former Eagles player Dennis Devaughn,  that have opened a residential treatment center for teens outside of Dallas.

    Athletes for Change
  • Crowdfund Capital Advisors


    Leverage PR was proud to create a fully comprehensive website for the leading experts in the Crowdfunding industry Crowdfund Capital Advisors. www.crowdfundcapitaladvisors.com. In addition to creating a large-scale site, Leverage PR has developed designs for CCA’s social media outlets and secured several notable media outlets for coverage.

    Crowdfund Capital Advisors
  • The Orbino Group


    The Orbino Group is a full service builder, developer and investor real estate consulting firm located in Bellevue, WA. The Orbino Group helps home builders increase their profits through a comprehensive suite of builder management services, over 60 years of combined real estate experience and use of the most advanced technologies in the building industry to decrease expenses and increase overall revenue. Orbino Group clients benefit from economies of scale through their vast network and the impressive abilities of their in-house team. .. See More

    The Orbino Group
  • Social Dynamx


    Social Dynamx is a technology company located in Austin, Texas with the mission to transform Customer Care in the era of social technologies. Leverage PR is honored to have designed the Social Dynamx blog, social media profiles and developed and executed a comprehensive social media strategy that included a launch intelligence gathering service.

    Social Dynamx
  • Relay Northwest


    Leverage PR stepped out of the box and created a new, fresh look for Relay. The client wanted to convey a sense of professionalism with pops of color and heavy imagery. The end result was an innovative design supported by full client satisfaction.

    Relay Northwest
  • Athletes for change – Facebook


    Created branded Facebook page including customized welcome like gate. Optimized web page by making it easy to find and readily available to wide fan base.

    Athletes for change – Facebook
  • Barron Image Consultant- Facebook


    Designed branded Facebook page with Facebook Timeline photo. Optimized web page, increasing SEO rank and making it readily available.

    Barron Image Consultant- Facebook
  • Crowdfund Capital Advisors – Facebook


    Developed a branded Facebook page with a customized timeline cover photo reflecting company branding.

    Crowdfund Capital Advisors – Facebook
  • Social Dynamx – Facebook


    Created branded Facebook page with custom welcome and like gate. Also included custom contact page for easy feedback. Optimized web page, increasing SEO rank and making it readily available.

    Social Dynamx – Facebook
  • Athletes for change – Twitter


    Created branded Twitter page with custom theme and profile setup. Optimized web page by making it easy to find and gain followers.

    Athletes for change – Twitter
  • Barron Image Consulting- Twitter


    Created customized Twitter background following clients specific guidelines. Optimized web page, increasing SEO rank and making it readily available.

    Barron Image Consulting- Twitter
  • Crowdfund Capital Advisors – Twitter


    Created branded Twitter page following design ques from the company website and Facebook fan page.

    Crowdfund Capital Advisors – Twitter
  • Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated


    Created branded Twitter page with custom theme and profile. Optomized web page by making it readily available and easily visible.

    Republic of Texas Brands Incorporated
  • Social Dynamx – Twitter


    Created branded Twitter page with customized background and profile. Optimized web page by making it easily visible and introducing it to thousands of Twitter profiles.

    Social Dynamx – Twitter
  • Athletes for change – Youtube


    Created branded Youtube page including custom background and channels. Optimized web page with higher SEO rankings and availability to viewers.

    Athletes for change – Youtube

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