Every second of the day, people in your target market are listening. From the morning edition of the local paper, the magazines they read on their commute, the posts they view on their friends’ social profiles, to the evening edition of CNN – they are listening. The question is, do they hear you? Do they know who you are? What is their opinion of your brand? Is it positive?

How are you engaging your audience?

Leverage PR works with companies big and small, helping them manage all aspects of their on and offline marketing and PR efforts, ensuring they are reaching, communicating with and engaging their audience. Our team has worked with national and international clients, varying in size, from home-based businesses to leading financial innovators, investment banks and high-profile tech firms.

As marketing experts, we take a research-based approach to the execution of all of our campaigns, ensuring your message never misses its mark. As social media experts, we build invaluable relationships to ensure your communities and your companies engage your buyers on and offline, creating a league of loyalty that will countlessly enhance your brand time and time again. As design experts, we make sure your brand expresses your individuality in an alluring aesthetic that illustrates the validity of your business and increases traffic to your cause. As PR experts, we make sure your target audience hears about it through relationships with top-tier media platforms and publications, ensuring visibility to your industry and clients.

Full Service PR:

More than publicists, the Leverage PR team often acts as an arm of our clients’ businesses, helping them to achieve a high level of success without the high cost of full-time personnel. For full service clients, we regularly make strategic connections with potential customers and partners–in addition to our public relations services. We firmly believe publicity should grow your business and ensure there is an ROI for every activity we execute. We have four options at multiple price points to allow you the ability to choose a level of service that will fit within your financial plan. Prices for full service public relations start at $5,000 per month.

To learn more about our services email us at info@leverage-pr.com or call us at 512-522-5833.

As champions for the entrepreneurial community, we regularly are asked for help from clients in the nascent phase of business growth. Due to high demand, we developed and recently launched a publicity platform for early-phase and crowdfunding companies that will help them achieve business success by leveraging publicity. Sign up today.

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