1/9/15 Inc.comWhy Successful People Need Hobbies

1/20/15 Entrepreneur.comWhy Venture Capitalists Are Turning to Crowdfunding

1/21/15 Bankless TimesWealth Migrate takes global approach to real estate crowdfunding

1/25/15 Bankless TimesWealth Migrate Takes Real Estate Crowdfunding International

1/26/15 The Jetsetter Show Scott Picken, Wealth Migrate: How Crowd-Funding Can Transform Your Investments

1/27/15 Accredited Investor MarketsInternational Real Estate Investing Trends for 2015


12/3/14 The New Journal Guide- Part One: Crowdfunding for Small Businesses 

12/3/14 Forbes- Equity Crowdfunding Site Embraces Real Estate 

12/8/14 GlobeSt- Will Regulation Slow Crowdfunding’s Progress?

12/9/14 GlobeSt- $102 Million MF Portfolio in Michigan Sold

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11/09/14 New York Post – Big borrowers tap crowds for loans

11/09/14 Wall Street Journal – Crowdfunding Is Opening Investment Doors

11/11/14 Forbes – 3 Women Veterans Apply Their Leadership Skills To Entrepreneurship

11/12/14 Entrepreneur – 7 Steps to an Equity-Crowdfunding Offering

11/18/14 GlobeSt. – How Much Progress is Crowdfunding Making?


10/02/14 – Crowdfunding platform pitches Allendale Township apartments as an investment opportunity

10/02/14 Crowdfund Insider – Loquidity Launches First Real Estate Crowdfunding Offer, Targets Midwest for Deals

10/09/14 Grand Rapids Business Journal – Crowdfunding Platform Lists Apartment Complex

10/09/14 Xconomy – Loquidity Brings Crowdfunding to Midwestern Real Estate Markets

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09/01/14 MicroCap Review – Decoding Online Alternative Marketplaces

09/02/14 Law360 – 5 Tips For Getting Software Patents Approved Post-Alice

09/02/14 Private Wealth – Crowded House

09/02/14 Latina Lista – Equity crowdfunding takes donating to a whole new level for Latinos

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08/08/14 – Why the Midwest is Bouncing Back

08/15/14 Investment News – Private credit markets offer investors double-digit returns

08/19/14 – Inside Look: Crowdfunding Inspires Huggies To Help ‘Mompreneurs’

08/21/14 ZDNet – Crowdsourcing gains enterprise credibility

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JULY 2014

07/17/14 Huffington Post –The First 50 Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

07/21/14 TheStreet – Coca-Cola Looks to Crowdfunding to Raise Social Media Awareness

07/29/14 CNBC – 5 mistakes that kill crowdfunding campaigns

07/31/14 Forbes – SEC Crowdfunding Barriers At South By Southwest

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JUNE 2014

6/16/14 Investors Beat – Access More Real Estate with Asset Avenue 

06/17/14 Pittsburgh Post-Gazette- Charitable contributions in U.S. up 4.4%, but have yet to reach pre-recession levels

6/20/14 The Boston Globe – Fidelity Seeks a Bigger Piece of IPO Action 

6/24/14 – 3 Other Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Crowdfunding

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MAY 2014

5/20/14 Inc. Magazine- Should you Crowdfund Your Next Business?

5/16/14 Austin Business Journal- Texas Regulators Aim to Make Crowdfunding Easy; Rules Due Soon 

5/16/14 CNBC 7 Crowdfunding Sites Essential for Entrepreneurs 

5/15/14 Growth Capitalist – The Pros and Cons of Using Regulation D Crowdfunding

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APRIL 2014

4/30/14 Social Good News- Indiegogo Principal Adam Chapnick Bets Big on Real Estate Crowdfunding, Joins Upstart Platform AssetAvenue

4/30/14 When Your Student Loan Debt Shouldn’t Be Your First Priority

4/30/14 Yahoo! Finance- When Your Student Load Debt Shouldn’t Be Your First Priority

4/14/14 ExecutiveInsight- Obamacare and the JOBS Act

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MARCH 2014

3/28/14 7 Tips to Getting the Most from Your Restaurant Build-Out

3/26/14 Globe Street- 84%: Crowdfunding Not Off the Table

3/25/14 Boston Business Journal- Healthcare Startups’ Adventures in Crowdfunding

3/25/14 Appeals Court to Weigh Challenge to Health Law Subsidies 

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2/27/14 New York Business Journal- Propellr Joins Real Estate Crowdfunding Game

2/27/14 Business News Daily- What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

2/27/14 Venture Beat- CrowdWatch Brings All Crowdfund Investing Deals Under One Roof 

2/26/14 Region’s Business- Equity Crowdfunding Explained Step-By-Step

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1/31/14 Crowdfund Insider- Crowdfund Global Expo Shares Encouraging Data on Crowdfunding 

1/31/14 Bankless Times- Crowdfunding Expert’s Findings Sharpen Forecasts for 2014, Explode Myths 

1/31/14 Crowdfund Insider- Title II & Title III Take Center Stage as Experts Discuss Equity Crowdfunding at Crowdfund Global Expo

1/31/14 U-T San Diego- Experts: Crowdfunding Rules Tedious

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12/31/13 Crowdfund Insider- Coastal Shows Announces Crowdfund Global Expo Agenda Featuring Industry Heavy Hitters

12/31/13 Bankless Times- Proposed New SEC Limits for Crowdfunding a Christmas Present for the Industry

12/30/13 American Express Open Forum- 34 Small-Business Predictions for 2014

12/29/13 FullStart- One Billion & Counting: The Rules Have Changed for Startups Raising Capital

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11/27/13 Forbes- As Giving Tuesday Nears, Wise Up About Charities

11/26/13 Next Avenue- As Giving Tuesday Nears, Wise Up About Charities

11/26/13 NPR- Small Firms May Soon Turn to Crowdfunding to Sell Shares  

11/25/13 Black Enterprise- 3 Challenges Facing Equity Crowdfunding Sites

11/24/13 WTOP- How to Make Wise Donations This Holiday Season

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10/31/13 Are You Seeking Funding for Starting a Small Food Business?

10/28/13 ABC7News- SEC Considers Allowing Startups to ‘Crowdfund’

10/25/13 BlogTalkRadio- Tomorrow Will Be Televised

10/25/13 American Banker- SEC Approves Crowdfunding Plan Allowing Internet Stock Sales

10/24/13 Bloomberg Businessweek- Crowdfunding for Internet Stock Sales Approved by the SEC

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9/25/13 Forbes- 9 Ways to Overcome Fear and Make Your Investor Pitch Rock

9/25/13 Business Insider- 5 Social Media Dos and Don’ts for Startups Looking for Funding

9/24/13 Wired– Game-Changing Technologies Improving Crowdfunding

9/24/13 Fast Company- A Million YouTube Views Won’t Pay Your Rent, but TubeStart Could Help

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8/28/13 Small Biz Daily- If Credit Unions Lose Tax-Exempt Status, Will Small Business Lending Suffer? 

8/28/13 Black Enterprise- Trayvon Martin’s Parents Talk Entrepreneurship

8/26/13 Washington Post- How to Pitch Your Company: Mark Cuban, Fellow Startup Investors Share Their Secrets

8/26/13 Washington Post- Can Crowdfunding Fill Stock Market’s ‘Black Hole’ for Startups and Small Businesses?

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JULY 2013

7/31/13 Upstart Business Journal- David Loucks Has an Ambitious Plan to Fund Healthcare Startups

7/27/13 The Next Web- Investedin’s White-Label Crowdfunding Platform for the Enterprise Rolls On With Over $30M in Deals

7/26/13 Forbes- 3 Perspectives on Crowdfunding: 1 Message to the SEC: Ready When You Are

7/23/13 Bank Tech- Cloud Helps Credit Unions, Community Banks Go Mano-a-Mano With Big Banks 

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JUNE 2013

6/27/13 Crowdfund Insider- Breaking Down the 2013 Crowdfunding World Summit

6/27/13 Crowdsourcing- Crowdfunding Moves to the Middle

6/25/13 Finance Daily- Peer-to-Peer Loans Growing in Popularity Among Consumers

6/25/13 Reuters- P2P Lending Pulls in Big Investors- Should You Bite?

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MAY 2013

5/30/13 Entrepreneur- A New Startup Financing Model and the Passionate Voice Behind It

5/28/13 NuWire Investor- The Newest Entrant to the P2P Market: Real Estate Secured Loans

5/24/13 Upstart Business Journal- CrowdBouncer Brings Compliance to Crowdfunding

5/20/13 Crowdfund Insider- ProHatch’s Reward Campaigns Go Live

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APRIL 2013

4/30/13 Upstart Business Journal- No SEC Action, No Worries for Crowdfunding Advocate

4/29/13 Venture Beat- The State of the Crowdfunding Industry: Stronger Than Ever

4/25/13 Crowdfunding: A Real Alternative to Small Business Loans? 

4/22/13 Investor’s Business Daily- The Crucial Business of Raising Capital for Startups

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MARCH 2013

3/28/13 Washington Post- For Broker/Dealers, Crowdfunding Presents New Opportunity

3/28/13 Crowdfund Insider- Video Series: ProHatch Offers Crowdfunding Tips from Recent Incubator

3/27/13 Women 2.0- Crowdfunding: A Safe Space for Female Entrepreneurs

3/22/13 Crowdfund Insider- From Main Street to Wall Street and Back: Cal-X Determined to Help Startups Succeed

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