The CrowdBuilder™ platform helps businesses build their crowd of campaign contributors, customers, and fans in as little as six weeks resulting in networks that are primed and ready for growth.

CrowdBuilder is an innovative platform that builds your social media presence, secures you publicity and primes your network for a Crowdfunding campaign or business expansion phase. With social media and media outreach messaging templates, media lists, campaign contributor outreach templates to connect and engage with your network, CrowdBuilder gives you all of the tools you need to look credible and polished in front of potential campaign contributors for as little as $400.

CrowdBuilder Basic

CrowdBuilder Pro

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By the end of the six weeks you will have:

  • Built a high-quality social media presence
  • Acquired a number of targeted high-quality followers and fans on all of your social profiles
  • Conducted all of the work needed to prime your network for a Crowdfunding campaign or product launch
  • Secured several media hits (one is guaranteed or we will refund the cost of the Basic program back to you*)
  • Built a high quality digital presence complete with new bios, better branding and stronger company messaging
  • Laid all of the ground work for your Crowdfunding campaign including:
    • Produced a high-quality video script
    • Prepared your on and offline networks for your campaign
    • Built out a deal room that will attract campaign contributor attention
    • Have your email marketing campaigns set-up and ready to launch

CrowdBuilder™ is a step-by-step platform that incorporates all of the tools, systems, templates, expert knowledge, reporting and on-call expert social media and public relations talent needed to help companies gain the visibility they need to skyrocket to success in 6 weeks.

Whether you use this tool to Crowdfund your dream project or cross-train your marketing staff—results are guaranteed. *If you do all of the work outlined in this program and do not generate at least one media placement within three months of completing the program, we will give you a 100% refund of the Basic Package costs.


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“After four weeks in the program I have lined up several interviews, made in roads with new customer bases I discovered in LinkedIn groups and have multiple bloggers wanting to write about my business. CrowdBuilder has given me exceptional results as well as insights and information into building my crowd of customers, fans and followers through media mentions and outreach that can’t be found anywhere else.” – Gloria Barghi, founder and CEO of Born Skincare.

The CrowdBuilder platform only helps with general campaign contributor communication, we do not discuss terms or solicitation of any kind.

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