Leverage PR always enjoys sharing tips on how to grow your business and increase your brand awareness through strategic media placements, bylined articles, thought leadership pieces and targeted speaking opportunities. Below are articles and past presentations featuring information for both those just starting out and looking to take their business to the next level and for those established companies wanting to expand brand awareness.

Industry Data provided during the SEC’s Small Business Forum

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s annual Government-Business Forum on Small Business Capital Formation, a gathering that has assembled annually since 1982, provides a platform to highlight perceived unnecessary impediments to small business capital formation and address whether they can be eliminated or reduced. Learn all about this year’s discussion here.

Mark Cuban Talks Business at the Exclusive Entrepreneurs’ Organization Event at SXSW

One of Leverage PR’s highlights at SXSW Interactive 2014 was the opportunity to conduct interviews with Mark Cuban for Entrepreneurs’ Organization. The turnout was great and led to several informative articles:

Bloomberg- What’s in Mark Cuban’s Wallet

USA Today- SXSW: Cuban on Bitcoin, and Why Texts Should Bite Cyber Dust

CNN Money- Mark Cuban: How Businesses Can Learn from ‘Shark Tank’



The New Era of Investor Relations 2014 SXSW Panel

Leverage PR Principal Joy Schoffler presented a panel at SXSW 2014 with Judd Hollas of EquityNet, Douglas Ellenoff of Ellenoff, Grossman & Schole and power connector Judy Robinett, where they discussed the latest of crowdfunding regulations.




CrowdCheck’s Summary of Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemptions



This Summary of Intrastate Crowdfunding Exemptions states that any offer or sale of securities that uses the “jurisdictional means” (the mails, phones, internet) must be registered under the federal Securities Act of 1933 or be made in accordance with an exemption from that registration. The federal exemption most frequently relied on for intrastate offerings is Section 3(a)(11) of the Securities Act. Such exemptions apply ONLY to registration of the offering; issuers are still subject to liability under the federal antifraud laws. Similarly, if issuers acquire a specified number of equity holders, they will be required to register under the federal Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Any securities intermediaries used in the offerings must comply with applicable broker-dealer registration requirements. While exemptions at the federal level exist for brokerage activities that are purely in-state, some regulators have expressed the view that use of the internet would preclude reliance on such exemptions.

CrowdCheck Memo: SEC Proposes Regulations Implementing “Regulation Crowdfunding” Under Section 4(a)(6) of the Securities Act



The Title III proposed crowdfunding rules came in a daunting package of over 500 pages. Thanks to experts atCrowdCheck, a much easier-to-swallow memo was created to summarize the rules in 25 pages. With this read, getting caught up on this crucial information can be done a lot quicker. Check out the memo HERE.


Leverage PR coordinated media relations and social media promotion for the 50th anniversary of March on Washington event Kingonomics organized by Rodney Sampson. At the event, celebrity speakers like Mark Cuban and Daymond John shared tips with entrepreneurs and hosted an ABC “Shark Tank” casting call.







Principal of Leverage PR, Joy Schoffler, and clients Alon Goren of, Josef Holm of TubeStart and Rodney Sampson of Kingonomics spoke at SXSW V2V on the Funding 3.0– Money & Market Validation panel.




Champions of Change

Leverage PR was invited to join Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CfIRA), along with the Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) in Washington D.C., as crowdfunding pioneers were honored by Champions of Change.



Forbes Google + Hangout

Devin Thorpe of Forbes hosts innovative entrepreneurs on Forbes‘ Google+ Hangouts. Principal of Leverage PR Joy Schoffler and Howard Leonhardt of Leonhardt Ventures, along with other top industry leaders, covered the Silicon Valley Crowdfunding Conference.

Crowdfund Texas Press Conference

During the Crowdfunding Texas event, a formal press conference was held where media was invited to participate. Local and national media members including CNN, Forbes and CNBC were in attendance at this event.

ProHatch Crowdfunding Incubator

Crowdfunding industry leaders at ProHatch hosted an incubator to teach entrepreneurs how to find success with their next crowdfunding campaign. Leverage PR experts Joy Schoffler and Jillian Pedersen shared social media tips to get the message out.

Young Female Entrepreneur

A well-respected female-centered entrepreneurial group in Washington hosted a presentation on utilizing public relations to gain publicity to grow your business and attract crowdfunding investors.

Startup America

Featured are the slides to the Leverage PR and Startup America presentation “How to Use Publicity to Grow Your Startup.” The presentation provides great tips on how to leverage publicity to gain attention for your startup, as well as how to use publicity to raise crowdfunding capital.

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