EquityNetLeverage PR has the opportunity to work with some of the country’s top entrepreneurs and business leaders in the financial, technological and crowdfunding sectors, and this month have been thrilled to work with EquityNet, the only patented crowdfunding platform. EquityNet is used by thousands of companies, investors and government entities to plan, analyze and capitalize privately-held businesses.

Since working with EquityNet, Leverage has helped the company secure top-tier media. In a six-month period, we landed Founder Judd Hollas in over 60 publications, with an estimated paid media value totaling $154K– giving him an ROI of 344% (based on ad rates).

EquityNet’s most notable coverage includes being featured in Forbes, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and last month’s interview with NPR for its special program, The State of The American Small Business, which was syndicated across over 30 NPR-affiliated radio stations.

EquityNet features profiles of over 600 investors and investment groups, providing access to over 20,000 individual investors. It has also helped entrepreneurs across North America raise over $217 million in capital, with its original analytics and business benchmarking. We are pleased to be a part of this innovative and high-performing company.

For more information on Judd and his company, visit https://www.equitynet.com/.

“Leverage is unparalleled in their ability to deliver great results,” said Judd. “Their expertise of the crowdfunding and investment industries can be found nowhere else and has of elevated EquityNet’s recognition not only with the media but – most importantly – with high-profile investors and business leaders.”

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