Leverage clients include a wide range of finance, technology, real estate and professional services companies.

The common thread among all our areas of specialty, is a commitment to innovative solutions, which often include original ways to apply new technology to solve age-old problems.

Our clients include some of the most innovative companies on the globe and we would welcome the opportunity to have you join our family.  Please connect with us at

Past and current clients include:

SXSW Berkeley equitynet
Lendio PaySwag Nymbus
realty-mogul Factom Verie
Marketwired iDisclose AMAA
CUJO Structured Polymers StreetShares
Lendit Healthios Healthiest You
SaundersDailey Coastal Shows Finagraph
crowdbouncer investedin tubestart
wealthmigrnte Crowdentials texas-guard
Loquidity Quorum Propellr
CalX Crowdfund-capital-advisors traklight
crowdfund-tx crowdfundbeat crowdfunding-world-summit
IPO-Village prohatch funding-roadmap
affiniscape PPAgroup creative-populist
kingonomics growthink MHD
American-classic-homes micheal-orbino relay
talent-guard Dan-flynn Ginac-group
dovedale-capital-ventures J-and-J-worldwide-services Fund-America
cindy-barron ecampus-tutors Athletes-for-change

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